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A Place as Seen by a Woman in Love

Part poetry, part prose. This is actually a piece I wrote some months ago but it felt like the right one to post today. Hope you enjoy!

A place as seen by a woman in love

Fluid as mercury, yet hard as steel

Powerful as the birth of a new star deep in the heavens

Thunderous as a herd of stampeding horses.

Dazzling as it played dodge ball with rays of sun.

Mesmerizing, drawing her into its welcoming embrace.

Pure as liquid crystal, and cool as a mountain spring.

With each breath she leaned closer, wishing to fall into its wonder.

What had changed for her in the place so often visited?

Was this not simply a waterfall?

For love had invaded her being – heart, mind and soul. No longer could she view the world in concrete terms. Life now reeled with poetry. Metaphor flung itself over the precipice and dove into the gorge below. Simile cascaded over the rocks and dripped from foliage along the water’s path.

© Wendie Donabie 2012


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  1. Wow! Beautiful!

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