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A New Day on My Creative Journey – More Lessons Learned

The older I get the less I seem to know, or perhaps it’s that I realize how much I still need or want to learn. I think the quest to learn and grow keeps us young. When we stop enquiring, investigating, creating, trying something new, we stagnate.

So, here’s one thing I’ve learned this month. I don’t like the WordPress poetry challenge. I thought I would. I love writing poetry but what doesn’t fit for me is the pressure to create one each day. My poems arise from deeply felt emotions and powerful experiences and I can’t stir them up on command. Plus I need to be alone in a quiet place without distractions to write them. At the moment, my life is filled with activity – painting for upcoming art shows, editing and re-writing stories for submission to contests and publications. Not exactly a quiet mental environment. But unlike penning poetry, I am able to write fiction and to some extent paint with noise and activity in me and around me. It’s almost like the busyness helps me to focus. Actually I love to write fiction in noisy coffee shops – maybe it’s also the coffee? 🙂

Coffee Cup

Is this just weird? Maybe, but I think all Creatives are unique and what works for one may not work for another. It appears I employ different strategies for each pursuit.  The variety keeps me interested in all of them.

This month I’ve also been reminded to be easier on myself. I set a lot of goals for 2013 and I’ve attempted to employ standard goal setting techniques to accomplish them. Those techniques worked well in the business world but aren’t cutting it in the pursuit of my art. I needed a different strategy.

Now I keep an ongoing list of projects with deadlines to keep me on track but each day I choose to work on whatever moves me. This has been effective in eliminating  pressure to produce. Instead I approach my projects relaxed and eager to get at them and surprise, surprise, I’m being productive. My painting and writing time is energizing, exciting, fills me with a passion for life and the strategy is working for me.

What strategies work for you? I’d love to hear from you.

Creative Pursuits

After saying I didn’t like the WordPress poetry challenge, I’d still like to share some of the poetry I’ve created over the years.

Today I selected, Dawn’s First Light, one of a small collection of poems I wrote while spending a few months living in Cape Cod. I hope you enjoy it.

Dawn’s First Light

In dawn’s first light,

the blanket of the sea

sparkles like a tray of diamond dust

and from beneath his watery coverlet,

the ocean giant rolls over,

defying wakefulness.

Floating birds tossed into the air

drift down and settle again

to ride the steady rise and fall

of his deep, full breath,

while along the beach,

sandpipers chatter after the retreating surf

snatching up breakfast morsels.

Gulls nesting on the sand

reluctantly lift heads from downy warmth,

blink at the rising sun,

stand and stretch wings and voices,

screech complaints of dawn’s too early arrival

then soar, silver-winged into the light.

© Wendie Donabie



  1. Don’t set goals anymore. Now that I am retired from my career job of 35 years, I like to go with whatever appeals to me each day. I taught myself how to blog because I thought I might like to do it. I did, so I continue with it. However, I no longer do things I don’t like to do. It’s time to enjoy life. I also learned it is ok to change your mind and go in a different direction, if so inclined. I totally agree with your second sentence in the first paragraph and if you do that, you never really age.

    • Thanks for feedback Jovina… I’m at the point where I still need a few goals to meet deadlines for contests and art shows but I love the freedom I’ve chosen in getting up each day and deciding what would be the most fun to tackle.

  2. I stopped with the expectations. I can’t create if it feels like work- if it feels like something that has to fit into some kind of contained space. I freeze up at the thought that what I create is supposed to be a certain something. If my own expectations get in the way or I happen to catch the scent of anyone else’s I’m toast. I’m also with you about working in busy spaces. It seems to energize and inspire me to get going and I am never opposed to coffee!!

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