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Magnificent Monster – Flooding Continues in Bracebridge

On April 21, I got as close as possible to Bracebridge Falls from both sides of the river to capture some new pictures. The water level had climbed overnight but not significantly. Officials had expected the river to crest within the next 48 hours but they had no estimate on when the water levels would begin to recede. More homes have been evacuated and property damage continues to soar.

Today, April 23 I returned to take more photos having heard this could be the peak. The water volume over the falls had increased and so had the flooding in the parking lot at the river’s edge. It’s hoped that the rain expected overnight and into tomorrow won’t cause further havoc. Below is a photo essay of the area just a short distance from our home.

The Muskoka River has never reached these levels. I spoke to one home owner who lives on the river. Over the last few days he has watched the cottages on either side of him fill with water. He told me today some good Samaritans sand-bagged his home. “The water has been creeping up every day. We hope today is the peak but they keep saying that.” That’s my hope too.

As magnificent an experience as this has been for those of us observing Bracebridge Falls, it has come at a horrible cost to so many.

If the Muskoka River continues to rise, I will share more pictures. Below is a photo essay taken over the last three days of the area just a short distance from our home.

Photos & Text © Wendie Donabie 2013


Looking up the river at the upper falls

The old power dam at the upper falls.

The old power dam at the upper falls.


The brown colour you see is part of the trail that runs alongside the river.


Picnic anyone? Lang Park beside the river now in the river.


The trail alongside the river on the right is totally submerged.


The Shipping Office sign seems ironic with the waters swamping so much of the lumber at the  TimBr Mart.


More lumber threatened as the waters rose overnight at the TimBr Mart


See the man standing by the pallet of lumber? This are is normally 3 feet above water level


Today the waters rushing across the dam were more intense


The waters are flowing over the entire dam now!


The engineer on that train must be getting an incredible aerial view of the falls


One of the concrete platforms on the stairs descending beside the falls has created its own waterfall.

Trees uprooted at the base of the falls lie amongst other debris brought down the river.

Trees uprooted at the base of the falls lie amongst other debris brought down the river.


Hopefully we’ll soon see the huge boulders again that lie buried beneath the white water



  1. Phyllis Mair

    Great shots, Wendie. So devastating for the local residents though. Thanks so much for sharing. Phyllis Mair

    • Today rain and snow has certainly not helped the situation. In Bracebridge the river may even be a little higher than yesterday..It’s a touch situation for so many as insurance companies don’t cover this kind of flooding

  2. Heart rending. Nature could be so cruel!

  3. Thank you so much for this. I’m a writer out of Lebanon, United States and what I just read here on couldn’t be written any better.

    Reading through this information reminds me
    of my first roommate, Yvonne. He persistently kept preaching about this.
    I will definitely send this information to him. Pretty sure he will have a very
    good read. I am grateful to you you for sharing this.

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