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Dates with Paints

My painting papers and canvases are talking to me! Well, maybe not literally but these day I sense more easily what I need to do and I’m not trying any longer to copy or reproduce photographs when I paint. Today, as my artistic journey continues, I am more interested in communicating my impressions of a subject rather than creating photo-realistic images. And I’m having more fun. It’s like I’m having dates with my paints.

I’m working on a new Artist’s Statement to capture this change. In attempting to describe the experience I’ve written that I find the process of transforming blank paper or canvas into a painting almost magical as if the paint is drawing forth images hidden in the fibres.

Part of this change I’m sure relates to having learned so much over the past three years from my main teacher and mentor, Pat Fairhead, and other art friends. Also, I find some skills are becoming unconscious and more intuitive. Still every painting presents new challenges. I often catch myself talking aloud to the canvas and my Muse asking, “How do I do  xxxxx?” That’s the joy of any creative endeavour – it’s an endless, mystical journey.

When I began painting seriously in 2011, a blank paper or canvas would terrify me. Now, I am excited to discover what will appear as I apply the paint. My actual process remains the same. I most often use a photo (usually one I’ve taken) for reference and create one or more small sketches to lay out the painting composition and determine paint colours. But once those tasks are complete, the magic starts.

Now, I can’t wait to see the results of my next date with my paints!

Does this resonate for any of you? I’d love to see some comments from fellow Creatives!

Here are two of my most recent paintings. Please visit my website to see more

 2013-15-wilson-falls-acrylic-8-x-10- Copyright-wendie-donabie-2013

2013-15 Wilson Falls-acrylic on canvas         8-x-10- Copyright-Wendie Donabie-2013                            

2013-16-reflecting-pool-upstream-from-wilson-falls-bracebridge-8-x-10-Acrylic on canvas Copyright-Wendie Donabie-2013

2013-16-reflecting-pool-upstream-from-wilson-falls-bracebridge-8-x-10-Acrylic on canvas Copyright-Wendie Donabie-2013



  1. Wow these new paintings are awesome! I can’t wait to see them in person.

  2. Very nice. I especially like Reflecting Pool Upstream.

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