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Sowing Seeds

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant. ~

Robert Louis Stevenson

How important to remember when participating in a new venture!
On Saturday, June 29, with seven other local Muskoka artists, I set up in the parking lot of  Muskoka Furniture for their first (possibly annual) Art Show & Sale.  We took the overcast sky and cooler temperatures as good signs of attendance. In cottage country, you go to town on such days.
Of course, the main event was the furniture sale. Muskoka Furniture carry high quality, hand crafted Mennonite products that last a lifetime. People often wait for these sales to make their purchases and buy they did. Unfortunately, although we had plenty of interest in our artistic wares, only one small painting sold. For me it was a great day though. A few note cards, bookmarks and poetry booklets left my booth but more important were the unsolicited comments from both friends and total strangers, many of whom took my brochure and business card home with them. Seeds sown.
I have learned over the years that unlike planting seeds in our gardens, those we sow in life often produce fruit far afield. Who knows when or from where the harvest will come. When asked if I would do this show again next year, I said, yes. Seeds need time to germinate and these type of events need repetition to attract a following. I am also reminded by my mentor, Pat Fairhead, it can take up to 5 years of presence in the marketplace for an artist to be recognized. So hang in there fellow creatives!
Wendie Tent 4To my friends who emailed, texted and stopped by to say hello, wish me luck and make purchases, THANK YOU. I keep saying it – your love, support and encouragement keep me going.
And to that special man in my life, an enormous thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.
WEndie Tent 3
If you are looking for a ‘cheap’ hanging system for your tents, here’s what we did. At Home Depot we purchased three pieces of re-bar that is used in concrete floors. The sheets are 7  feet by 3.5 feet with 6 inch squares and very light weight. We hung the grids from the tent frame with locking ties and further secured them with bungie cords to the tent uprights. The light weight paintings were hung with S-hooks and the heavier ones with with locking ties.
N.B.: Please use something like locking ties for  heavy pieces of art. We had a small disaster when one wall came down while we were setting up – initially we were using shower curtain rings to hang the grids – not strong enough. The locking ties provided the needed security.
© Wendie Donabie 2013
(Please click on my name to visit my art website)


  1. Like your tent

  2. artscottnet

    Congratulations for a great day – as you say, planting seeds. I admire your positive attitude. Best wishes as you continue your journey

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