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Autumn at High Falls, Bracebridge

The world is full of beautiful, scenic locations, each one offering it’s own special sensory experience. So why come to Muskoka for a visit?

National Geographic Traveler magazine chose Muskoka as one of The Best of The World – Must-see places for 2012! In 2011, Muskoka was the #1 pick on their Ten Best Trips of Summer, so the 2012 Best of the World designation was amazing. (

Every season has something unique to offer in Muskoka but the fall is one of my personal favourites. You can hike and explore our richly coloured autumn trails on the warm sunny days and the wind whispering through the pines will lull you to sleep on the cool nights.

In addition to experiencing the autumn foliage and perfect weather, you can visit the studios of Muskoka artists studios. Now in its 35th year, the Autumn Studio Tour provides patrons and visitors the opportunity to meet these creative professionals in their working environment.

Last year, I teamed up with three other local artists to hold a group art show during the tour dates. Our success with the ‘4’ event encouraged us to repeat this year. Here’s the info for this year’s show.


For two weekends, September 28-29 and October 5-6, 2013, you’ll find us at the Windermere Village Hall, 2496 Windermere Road, Windermere, Ontario. The hours of our show are 10:00 am-6:00 pm in line with the studios on the Autumn Tour.

Windermere Village Hall in Windermere Ontario – ‘4’ Art Show Location

‘4″ – WHO WE ARE

'4' - Janice Feist, Lynda Lynn, Wendie Donabie, Pat Whittle

‘4’ – Janice Feist, Lynda Lynn, Wendie Donabie, Pat Whittle

Lynda Lynn, Janice Feist, Pat Whittle and I are ‘4’ Our distinctive styles include works in acrylic, watercolour, encaustic, soft pastel and mixed media with subjects ranging from realistic and impressionistic landscapes to vibrant abstracts. Reflected in our paintings is the our love of nature and concern for the natural environment

Lynda Lynn works in a variety of media using “colour subjectively, trying to capture the intrinsic spirit of the subject.” She likes, “to play and experiment with the challenge of light playing on colour, to combine all of the elements in a satisfying whole, hoping to stir the imagination of the viewer, in order to communicate to and involve them on a personal level. I like to engage the viewer by leaving something for their imagination to complete.”

Janice Feist is drawn to colour and texture in nature; “my goal with each painting is to relay my experience of the moment– to create a record of that beauty or experience that motivated me. Light is the power for each painting.  I am captivated by the way light reflects on surfaces, the way a branch curves in dance-like fashion to reach the sun, the way shadows play with colour.”  Janice says of her style, “It comes from my emotion during the painting exercise.”​

Pat Whittle is a multi media painter. Her first love is printmaking, whether watercolour monotypes, hand pulled lithography (stone and plate) or etching, silkscreen printing or chine-collė. Pat describes her painting experience in this way, “I love the feeling of spreading colour across a canvas or on paper. Imagery is secondary, emotion is an overall winner.” Patterns, textures, and smoky images in art and literature have always run through her life like a thread that gathers colour and music along the way. 

2013-27 Trillium Twosome, Acrylic on Canvas, 5 x7 inches, Copyright Wendie Donabie 2013

2013-27 Trillium Twosome, Acrylic on Canvas, 5 x 7 inches, Copyright Wendie Donabie 2013

My intimate paintings express the spirit and inner light I recognize in both animate and inanimate objects. “Nature is my greatest inspiration. I invite you to enter in and be moved by the mood and spirit of the subject.” I describe my painting process as intimate and visceral. “My paintings communicate with me. Transforming blank paper or canvas into a painting is magical, as if the paint and brush are drawing forth images hidden in the fibres.”

If you are in Muskoka September 28-29 or October 5-6, please drop by and visit us.

You just might find that special painting

you’ve been looking for.

© Wendie Donabie 2013



  1. Very interesting post. I enjoyed reading about your group art show. The Trillium Twosome is stunning.


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