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A New Plan

What next?

Another show over. The attendance and feed back on all of our work – excellent.


So what’s next? The four of us involved in the autumn art show purchased an insurance policy that will cover us, as a group, for a year. We need another venue and are talking about finding a gallery out-of-town. After Thanksgiving we’ll get together to de-brief about our show and plan for the next one.

In November I’ll participate in a Toronto Gallery Christmas art show and sale.  And Janice Feist and I must plan for our 2-woman show to run May 3-31, 2014 at Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge.

The winter ahead will be a time of planning and painting – lots of both!

My other creative love, writing, took a back seat these past few months. As a result, I have unmet goals. I’m frustrated with my inertia and need something to get me back on track. 

This week, I find I’m struggling with so many ideas running through my head and not making a decision to act on any of them. I’ve experienced this before – usually following a flurry of activity. Maybe I just need a few days to recover and doing nothing isn’t such a bad idea. But that old ‘work-ethic’ guilt butts in and I struggle again with what decision to make, what action to take. 


Time to Review?

I sit in a creative captivity. So much going on inside and nothing manifesting on the outside. I guess the only way to break through this barrier is to do SOMETHING….ANYTHING. Maybe it’s a good time to review my goals, create new objectives and targets for the coming months.

Without a clear sense of direction I’ll dally along until the last possible moment. As I look back at my goals for this year, I realize my list was bold – too bold.

The Plan

So, here’s my plan.

1) Create more realistic goals.

2) Better monitor my time – NOT over-committing to things outside my list of goals.

3) Allow flexibility in setting targets and objectives to take advantage of whatever opportunities come along that could enhance my goals.

4) Be wary of distractions that don’t add to what I want to accomplish.

The plan

This feels better. I can do this.

Let me know. Do you ever find yourself stuck? How do you get going again? I’d love to hear from you and your ideas may help others in the same predicament.

©Wendie Donabie 2013



  1. I try to stay one step ahead. If I see I am losing interest in what i am doing, I don’t throw out my whole project, just go in a new direction. For example, I cannot just keep writing new recipes in my posts without something interesting to go along with them. So I decided to add a little history, then a bit about the geography, then about the culture, etc. Hopefully, I won’t run out of turns..

  2. Phyllis Mair

    Wendie, as I am frequently told, “Don’t beat yourself up” – take some time to relax, create a diversion, the creative juices will flow again soon. sometimes you just need to take that break and do something totally different. Best of luck. Enjoy each day. Phyllis

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