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Frozen Beauty of Muskoka

Snow, Snow, Snow… will it ever stop?

I live in Muskoka, Canada, and we expect a good layer of the white stuff in the winter. But, this December we received a record snow fall of 212 cm.  The usual snow and thaw weather pattern didn’t happen this year and, with temperatures averaging 3 degrees colder than normal, the snow stayed.

Sidewalk to driveway

Sidewalk to driveway

Clearing snow to get to our driveway transformed our sidewalk into a tunnel and to reach the bird feeder I tromped down another tunnel-pathway (the squirrels think it’s their own private freeway to the feeder).


Coming down our driveway to the main road we must inch forward unable to see to left or right with the height of the snow banks on either side.


Me in the driveway

Now into January the snow has continued and the cold has not abated with nights dipping from – 24C to – 35C.  Yet apart from the bitter cold forcing me to remain housebound most days, this season has also brought beauty.

Most people think of Bracebridge as a summer destination but look what they are missing today – Bracebridge Falls snow and ice sculptures carved by the Muskoka River as it makes its way to Lake Muskoka.


View down the Muskoka River from upper Bracebridge Falls

Upper Bracebridge Falls

Upper Bracebridge Falls

Upper Bracebridge Falls

Lower Bracebridge Falls – Frozen!


Muskoka River below the Falls.

Ice Balls form in a collection below the falls

Ice Balls form and collect below the falls

When we arrived at the Falls to take these pictures, my partner decided to plow through the snow covered stairs to the pier to get a better view of the falls.

Snow covered pier below the falls

Snow covered pier below the falls


The river finds its way below the frozen falls – good shot!

I took this shot for our summer visitors as a reminder that warmer weather is only a few weeks away!

No swimming today!

No swimming today in the Muskoka River!

Copyright Wendie Donabie 2014

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  1. The Editors of Garden Variety

    Such bewitching photos. You have a little slice of heaven there!

  2. Beautiful photos.I bet you could create a fantastic painting of the river in the photo at the top of the post.

  3. Catherine Thompson

      Thank you for the winter pictures-forwarded them to my friends in Kansas and friend in California. Neither state seems to be able to get any precipitation. California is in a 3 year drought. Wish we could send them our snow. How could I get a print of the Alice Munro picture? Keep warm, Cathy  


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