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Hope Bracelet - Debbie Hastings

Hope Bracelet by Debbie Hastings

Johnathan Bullock of Medieval Pottery, recently designed 3 small pottery pieces (WISH, DREAM, HOPE) for the Muskoka Grandmothers to Grandmothers. In total, 27 unique pieces of pottery have been incorporated by grandmothers and other artistic friends into a collection including jewellery, stained glass, basketry, fabric art and paintings. Each artwork also contains a signature Canadian Penny – adding these items to Grandmothers’ growing Penny Tree Collection. From June 2011 to date, Muskoka Grandmothers to Grandmothers have raised over $17,000 from collection of pennies and from the sale of Penny Tree jewellery, notecards, fabric creations and other items.

green hope stained glass

Green Hope Stained Glass by Dale Jackson


hope book - Anne McTaggart

Hope Handmade Blank Book by Anne McTaggart

Wish beaded necklace - Debbie Hastings

Wish Necklace by Debbie Hastings

These NEW one-of-a kind PENNY TREE POTTERY items will be available for purchase at Johanthan’s studio/store on Saturday and Sunday, August 2 & 3. All proceeds raised go the work of the Stephen Lewis Foundation; 90 cents of every dollar directly supports grandmothers in Africa raising children orphaned by Aids. My contribution is a painting in acrylic, 16 x 16 inches. In BRINGING HOPE, the image of Africa represents the work done by Grandmothers to Grandmothers in Africa. For me the image also stands for our responsibility to care for the Earth, as the birth place of human life.

2014-22 Bringing Hope, Mixed Media & Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 16 inches, Copyright Wendie Donabie 2014

Bringing Hope, Acrylic & Mixed Media on Canvas,          16 x 16 inches. Copyright Wendie Donabie 2014

I selected Jonathan Bullock’s HOPE, for this painting, because I hold onto the hope we as humanity can bring about the changes needed to heal the continent and the planet. By placing the pottery piece in the Sahara Desert, I want to communicate the mission of humanity to instill hope even in places where little or no life is apparent. I arranged eight Canadian pennies from Grandmothers to Grandmothers to flow like a river through Africa; they pour out of the HOPE I have for all life on the continent while the number represents prosperity and balance. Using 3 different mediums, pumice gel for the sand, fibre paste for vegetation and smooth gel for the areas of higher elevations and ocean currents, movement and texture helped bring the painting to life.Finally I brushed the pottery piece and the pennies with gold, the incorruptible metal, to symbolize my hope that support going to Africa can avoid corruption. I hope you’ll join us August 2 or 3 at Johnathan’s studio, 210 First Street in Gravenhurst. We’ll be there from 10 am to 5 pm both days! View more of my paintings at


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  1. Lovely exhibit.

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