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The Creative Struggle

Joseph Chilton Pearce quoteIt’s really a lack of confidence and some basic insecurity on my part…I’m still a little afraid of being wrong in my technique or unoriginal in my thinking. This is my creative struggle . . .

Can I write something the engages a reader or paint a picture that captures the viewer’s eye and imagination? I’ve done that but can I do it again? Is there a limit to my creativity?

These are the things that fill my mind and plague me, that stifle me and cause me to procrastinate, rather than getting down and doing the work.

I’ve ideas for both writing and painting projects yet I’m having trouble moving to the next stage….the outpouring on computer, paper and canvas……I need a kick in the posterior!

We have a members’ art show coming up very quickly in February and I’ve yet to start the two paintings floating around in mind….and our writing group meets this week . . . and I’ve nothing new to read . . . YIKES!

Ideas do crowd my mind

  • a landscape
  • a poem
  • a short story
  • a character wanders from my mind into my living room, stretches his lanky, tall form and settles into the wicker chair across from me . . .

“Who are you?” I ask.

“John Franklin,” he replies.

OMG . . .  this is great . . . the creative juices begin to flow. This is fun.

I’ve got something here.  

I don’t know where John and I are heading but I’m going to enjoy the journey!

I’m off and running. Now, I only need to get back to the easel . . . With the muse awake, I feel confident I can move on.

* * * * * * * *

It’s really so simple, you know. When I’m struggling creatively, I only need to start anywhere with anything at all and I’ll end up somewhere
surprising with something special every time . . . Why is it that I forget how it all works? Maybe this time I’ll remember. Maybe!

©Wendie Donabie 2014



  1. It’s January! A time for burrowing in and mulling ideas around after the holiday rush. Days are dark and cold. Cosy feels great. After a bit of a rest – you said it – just start!

  2. “…Can I write something the engages a reader or paint a picture that captures the viewer’s eye and imagination? I’ve done that but can I do it again? Is there a limit to my creativity?…”

    My dear friend and sweet spirit, please allow me this moment:

    There is no limit to your creativity. There never was. There is only “impediment of focus”. Do you ever observe a central object, and then close one eye – only to see that object apparently move, biased to the open eye? In order to maintain a truth in your direction, a person must therefore – necessarily – keep both eyes open.

    My point is that you’d already “captured my ‘viewers eye'”, and it had nothing to do with creating something on ‘my’ behalf. It was exclusively because you had breathed life into that which gave permission to view more of you. That was when both eyes were open.

    Create for you – and every once in a while, privilege us with a glimpse.

    The only time you should be closing one eye, is to wink, (or perhaps while eating a really sour gummy-worm).


  1. New Paintings – Getting It Done | Blue Heron Writes

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