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New Paintings – Getting It Done

Here’s what I’ve been up to since my post, The Creative Struggle, in which I explained my recent difficulty taking my art and writing ideas from inspiration to application. In writing that post I actually did experience a breakthrough in my art. For a few weeks, several painting ideas for a themed show, Betwixt & Between, competed for my attention.  This annual  Muskoka Arts & Crafts Members’ Show allows artists to interpret the theme in whatever way they choose.

Prompted by my spouse, I finally settled on one with a humorous feel. I couldn’t think of any better image than a fluffy puppy asleep between the feet of his two ‘peeps’. The idea made me chuckle. Here’s Puppy Love – The Only Love That Comes Between Us for your enjoyment.

2015-1 Puppy Love - The Only Love That Comes Between Us, 12 x 24 inches, Acrylic on Canvas, Copyright Wendie Donabie

2015-1 Puppy Love – The Only Love That Comes Between Us, 12 x 24 inches, Acrylic on Canvas, Copyright Wendie Donabie

With Puppy Love complete, I pulled out an unfinished landscape painting I’d had sitting in my studio for a couple of months. The Red Canoe is finally ready for sale and will be one of my entries in the Muskoka Arts & Crafts Spring Members’ Show.

2015-2 The Red Canoe, Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 24 inches, Copyright Wendie Donabie

2015-2 The Red Canoe, Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 24 inches, Copyright Wendie Donabie

With these two paintings under my belt, I’m feeling on track again. My next step – creating a realistic schedule to complete the paintings and writing needed for upcoming shows and events. Comments and any tips are welcome!

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  1. Lovely.I like both of them.

  2. Thanks Jovina!

  3. Julia Manuel

    What a talent you are! Thank you for following my blog, so appreciated ☺ best part is it led me to you. What part of Muskoka do you hail from? My mom lives in Bala.

  4. You work reminds me of Cinerama, a filmmaking process from the 50’s where they used 3 cameras to get an amazing panoramic frame. See if you can get some inspiraton from the vibrant colors and imaginery they filmed in those movies, which were very few. Then you have the BEN-HUR foremat, which was a huge amera that got them a 2.76:1 aspect ratio. There were a few movies filmed like that and Tarantino used them for The Hateful Eight. Finally, in the fifties there was a 2.55:1 aspect ratio used in most Marilyn Monroe movies and a few others. I think you can find a lot of isnpiration if you look at old ultra panoramic movies from the ffities. And if you like architecture, check the works of Frank Lloyd Wrigth, he designed fantastis houses, being Watrfalling his most famous piece of art history.

    • Thank you so much for this great feedback …. I will definitely look into all of those films and check out Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fantasy houses….. I believe I have seen photos of Waterfalling….

    • and thank you for sharing my work on your FACEBOOK page…. Much appreciated!

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