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How are You Marketing Your Artwork?

One of the hardest parts of any business is defining and reaching the market for your product. It’s the same for your art. People don’t buy artwork every day; the majority consider art a luxury item or at least something purchased only after taking care of the necessities of life. So, how do you find those buyers?

Today, a well developed website and use of social media help us to reach a wider audience with images of our work and interesting posts to engage potential buyers. However, most buyers want to see the real thing before making a purchase. To accomplish that requires a space to exhibit. Many artists work in a studio large enough to have a gallery area that can accommodate visitors. However, if like me, your studio is a small room in your home, your space isn’t conducive to company. So, what do you do?

You book art shows and ask local businesses to display your work. For me, Re/Max North Country in Gravenhurst, Oliver’s Coffee and Tea Infusion in Bracebridge provided those locations. Sales have resulted and my work has gained exposure. So will yours! And your name will get known.

Then what? After you’ve participated in a number of group shows and had public exposure, contact local galleries about representation. It will cost you commission but remember you’re paying them for their expertise to market your work to their clients, leaving you free to produce more art.

As your reputation grows, reach out beyond your community to larger markets in other towns and cities, apply to juried shows, apply for solo gallery shows and gallery representation.

I’ve been painting for just over 5 years and 5 months ago, I was accepted into two local galleries. One is a successful artist co-operative (Arts at the Albion) where I will provide sweat equity as well as a monthly fee but pay no commission on sales. The other is a small private gallery (Dabbling Duck Gallery) open throughout our busy tourist season (mid May – mid October). I’m excited about this next chapter in my career and looking forward to where it will lead.

So, do you have a plan for your art career? I invite you to share what you are doing.

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  1. Very helpful and useful information.

    • Thanks Jovina. I hope it does help someone out there.

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