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To Sleep…

Have you ever thought about how to describe the sensation of falling asleep? Here’s my attempt. Feedback is encouraged…

Thank you for reading.

To Sleep

On the edge of sleep
my body weightless
in a limbo land
of muted memories

I float, feather light.
My breaths fill the night
with deep-chested sighs
of silent surrender

Ever descending,
I suddenly rouse
my mind stirred by fear
of this fateful, free fall

Now barely conscious
my thoughts meander
in rambling review
of my daily dealings

Dragged from Morpheus’ arms
I long to return
to delightful dreams
of ethereal escape

And so I respond
as Hypnos bids me
enter his kingdom
of seductive slumber

On the edge of sleep
my body weightless
in a limbo land
of muted memories

I float, feather light
to sleep

© Wendie Donabie





  1. Very nice. Flows well and definitely captures the process.

    • Thank you Jovina… I’m trying to get my life more organized so my creativity is more productive…..

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